Outdoor Writer and Professional Hunter

The events of this life are rarely within our control, as much as we struggle to the contrary.  Life just has a way of carving its own path for us.

Freelance Outdoor and Big Game Hunt WriterOf the many trails that I’ve come to in my life, I have been truly blessed to follow the ones that have led me across the rivers and mountains of North America…

As a boy, I spent hours searching the woods behind my Idaho home for squirrels.   I never imagined those childhood hunting experiences would lead to a life of outdoor adventure, exploring some of the most remote and beautiful country in the world and penning stories of thrilling adventures for others to read.

I cut my teeth as a guide in the rugged Rocky Mountains, spending season upon season pursuing all the big game species at my disposal.  It helped me to grow strong and honed my hunting skills,  but my heart always yearned for more.  Shortly after graduation I headed north, where I guess you could say  “I gained my higher education in the lofty, snow capped peaks of Alaska”.  Here I learned the lessons of perseverance and self reliance and that experience has helped to mold the person I am today.

Alaska Moose Hunting GuideThrough the years of hunting, guiding and writing, I have also been fortunate to meet and call as friends some of the finest individuals in the hunting world.  These men are true pioneers of the sport and have withstood extreme diversity to build a foundation strong enough for others with the same passions to stand upon and tell their own stories.

Whether it be the Western United States or the North Country, the folks I have hunted with and guided for have my highest respect.  Their expertise in the field is beyond question.  These are the same people I want to connect you with.  The same professionals I personally trust with my money, my chances and my life.

If you are a busy executive, a retiree, or like most of us, just a hard working individual who is ready to fulfill a dream,  Dead On Outdoor Adventures is your best choice for booking  that big hunting adventure you’ve been planning.     As seasoned hunters, guides and individuals who appreciate the qualities of an outdoor experience in general, we’re here to streamline the process of planning and logistics, travel and details so you can stay focused until your adventure begins.

Dead On Outdoor Adventures offers experience, support, personalized service and a hassle free way to plan your escape to a world where rugged sportsmen and big game outfitters roam the wilderness just like the big game species they hunt.

Call us any time, day or night, because we understand your excitement about your hunting aspirations and we’re excited to get you on your way!