Halibut Fishing in Alaska

Alaskan HalibutOne of the most popular game fish in Alaska coastal waters is the mighty halibut and rightfully so.

Besides their propensity for wearing your arms out before they surface, they are also world famous for their delectable fillets.  A  halibut that weighs between fifty and seventy pounds is arguably the finest table fare, as far as fish are concerned, to be had.

Immense power and succulence aren’t the only reason sportsman flock to Alaska  to find the big halibut however,  they tend to be found in deep channels and bays next to towering snow capped peaks.  Making it a truly unique and picturesque fishing experience.

My most memorable halibut was one that I never landed.  During a brown bear hunt in Southeast Alaska, I was spending some down time on the stern of a 56 foot yacht.  With a cold drink in one hand, a fishing pole in the other and surrounded by the majesty of Alaska, I was completely at peace.  Then, without warning, my line snapped tight and pole began to bend toward the depths.  To make a long story short, I fought that leviathan of the deep for 30 minutes.  A give and take affair that had me winded to say the least.  Finally the end of my line began to approach the surface so I hastily grabbed the gaffe and prepared to whack the beast across the head and hall him in.  When he finally surfaced, I could only stare in utter shock.  The halibut I had been fighting looked more like a mottled, green, barn door.  A fish well over 300 pounds to say the least.  When the sun struck it’s clouded eye for the first time in its life, several decades at least, it lashed out suddenly and with one mighty twist, snapped my leader in two.  I watched helplessly as it floated back to Davey Jones locker.  All that remains is a fish tail today, and one battle scarred halibut that waits in the cold, murky waters of coastal Alaska.