Last But Not Least, When We Hunt Let’s Have Good Eats!


One of the most important aspects of a hunt whether it be in Alaska or Africa is good food! You may not realize it now,  but when you remember a hunt years down the road an exquisite meal at a fine restaurant may be just as vivid a memory as the tale of the hunt!  On a recent hunt for black bear in Alaska, I was honored to sit and dine, with the finest company (my brother Miles and best friend Fred), on the finest meal, possibly, of my life.   In the bottom of the Gilmore Hotel in … [Read more...]

Hunting Barren Ground Caribou in Alaska

Caribou Hunts

Hunting caribou in Alaska can be one of the most action packed and rewarding hunts in North America. We hunt caribou for arguably the most impressive set of antlers on any game animal on the continent.  We hunt caribou for some of the finest table fare that grows naturally in the wild.  We hunt caribou because we see plenty and its not as stressful as other hunts. For me personally I hunt them for all the above reasons but most importantly I hunt them to breathe that wonderfully crisp and … [Read more...]

Halibut Fishing in Alaska

Alaskan Halibut

One of the most popular game fish in Alaska coastal waters is the mighty halibut and rightfully so. Besides their propensity for wearing your arms out before they surface, they are also world famous for their delectable fillets.  A  halibut that weighs between fifty and seventy pounds is arguably the finest table fare, as far as fish are concerned, to be had. Immense power and succulence aren't the only reason sportsman flock to Alaska  to find the big halibut however,  they tend to be … [Read more...]

Tales Bring Out The Hunter In Us

Alaska Bear

Another novel that profoundly affected me when I was young was Big Red. Its the story of a young man and his Irish setter, both living in relative solitude in the north central part of the country. The novel follows the pair as they grow and bond together and has many passages depicting tales of the hunt.  From grouse, to, whitetail deer and even black bear. I'd highly recommend the read especially if you love the outdoors and that special bond that only man and dog can have.   … [Read more...]

The Call of the Wild

At ten years old I had an experience that would change the course of the rest of my life. If was that year that I first laid eyes on the classic story, Call of the Wild by Jack London. This harrowing tale of adventure and friendship between man and dog struck a cord with me and so did the theme of the young man yearning to prove himself by conquering the vast frozen north. I remember vividly finishing the novel and then watching the movie.  By the time I was finished I knew somehow that … [Read more...]

Planning Your Dall Sheep Hunting Expedition


For many, harvesting a Dall sheep is considered the pinnacle of Alaska hunting achievement. Pursuit of these regal creatures requires a strong back, legs of steel and most importantly, an iron will. If you commit yourself to the strenuous physical conditioning and the hours of research necessary you may soon find yourself within striking distance of the ram you desire! In my opinion, the three biggest questions a hunter should ask himself in the fledgling stages of planning a sheep hunt … [Read more...]

The Last Sheep Haven

Alaska Big Horn Sheep

Sleep comes at a premium when you’re hunting in the north woods. The last several days had been spent portaging gear and supplies from the landing strip on this northern Alaska river to our spike camp some seven miles up a creek that, at least, no white man had a name for. So it was completely understandable that as 8:00 a.m. rolled around I was still squeezing the last few blissful moments out of my toasty warm, custom made, Woods Canada sleeping bag and was tediously cleaning the last … [Read more...]

Planning Your Brown Bear Expedition


When planning your next brown bear expedition, careful consideration must be given to the type of gear you will require in order to facilitate a successful hunt. Rain gear, water resistant optics, etc. are of the utmost importance, but the singular most important facet of your repertoire is what weapon to choose. For the purpose of this short excerpt, let's take it for granted that you will be using a modern center-fire rifle as opposed to a more primitive weapon such as a compound bow or … [Read more...]

Brown Bear on the High Seas


As the last few crimson hues of sunshine melted behind a thick curtain of spruce on the distant horizon, I allowed myself for the first time to contemplate what was now becoming an all too real possibility. The possibility that after years of planning and preparation, after countless hours of daydreaming and sleepless nights, that I may embark on my long journey home without the brown bear I had so longed for. Although Southeast Alaska had once again enriched my heart and mind with its unique … [Read more...]