Rule 1 in Having an Excellent Hunt: Weed Out the Bad Apples in Hunting Camp

DeadOnOutdoorAdventures.comOne of the quickest ways to ruin a special hunt is to have a bad personality in camp.

There isn’t much info on it, but trust me, the quickest way for you to have a bad experience, whether your hunting in the wilderness of Alaska or the Africa bush is to have a sour grape in your group.  What do I mean by this statement?  A sour grape is a member of your group who decides that no matter what, they are not gonna have a good time.  The biggest problem is that the poor attitude can spread throughout the group the like wild fire and before you know it everyone is having a bad time and no one knows why.  The reason doesn’t matter, whether their wife is upset  that they took the trip and they are displacing the anger or they spent junior’s college money and now they’re feeling guilty.  The chances are very real that one person can ruin an entire trip for everyone involved.

So what can you do to avoid such a predicament?  In my experience the best course of action is preventative maintenance.  Make sure that everyone in your group is a known commodity.  Taking people along that you  have never met before is always a situation that deserves extra attention.  Make sure you get to know these people well before the hunt.  Also, don’t be afraid to let it be known before hand that you expect everyone to stay on an even keel and if anyone has any problems to leave them at home.

So what happens if a problem does arrive on that once-in-a-lifetime hunt?  The best course of action is to address it directly.  Just flat tell that bad apple that they can shape up or ship out.  More often than not this works like a charm.  If not, then get rid of that person.  If not they WILL ruin the hunt for the entire party.

Anyway, hopefully you’ll never have to deal with this kind of situation, but if in case that day comes hopefully these couple hints will help you avoid a poor experience on your long awaited hunt.